Living your best life and creating the life you want depends on your ability to break bad habits and replace them with good habits. The key to changing your habits is to understand how they form, how they are reinforced, and to recognize opportunities to alter them as those opportunities present themselves.

We are creatures of habit and ritual. Our daily routines, activities, and even our states of mind are the manifestations of habits we have nurtured. It is very clear that smoking is a habit, but less clear that not smoking is also a habit – it is a habit of choosing not to do something that is harmful for your body. Even personality traits and tendencies we have that seem to just be ‘who we are” are actually just habits. Any behavior we repeat consistently gets hard-wired in our brain and thus becomes habitual and easier to repeat again.

photo of man hiking: create good habits and break bad habits

I write a fair bit about habits because they provide a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. Examining your habits allows you to take a look at yourself piece by piece. Changing yourself and your life can seem like a monumental task, but every huge undertaking becomes easier when broken down into smaller parts. Habits are those smaller parts of yourself and your life that create the whole. By looking at which ones are serving you and which habits are harming your progress, you find manageable places to intervene and create positive change.

Here are some articles about how to create good habits and break bad habits.