Welcome to LiveMyBestLife.com. This blog is devoted to sharing tools and ideas to help us all live better, more fulfilling lives. It is about personal growth and evolution, becoming the best person you can be and creating the life that you want to live. Please bear with me as I work on re-building the site over the next few months after a long hiatus, and don’t forget to check back in for new content.

My goal is to provide you with some practical ways of changing your inner and outer reality. If you are someone who is not getting the most out of your life, this articles are here to help you do something about it. If you are already dedicated to personal growth and spend your days fulfilling your dreams, then this website will offer you some more tools for your journey.

This blog is not about me, the author and webmaster. I am just another human, trying to make sense of our world while I enjoy the life I’ve been given. I will occasionally share personal stories and challenges if I think they suit my topic and might inspire others, but my intention is to keep the personal stuff to a minimum. One of my hesitations about starting this blog is that I might have to sacrifice some privacy to have a successful blog. I thought about trying to do this anonymously, but I think people will identify better with the content if it’s not totally faceless. So if you care to know a bit about the author, I don’t mind sharing. Like most other folks, I have a name (Magdalena), and I live in a little California mountain town with my husband and our two little daughters.  My days are overflowing (in a good way) with all the different things that I do. Aside from my primary role as mama and wife, I love cooking, gardening, reading, having tea a few times a day and naming birds that frequent my yard. I also enjoy my work.

I’ve always been driven to learn what it takes to be the best person I can be. Over the years, I’ve often felt compelled to share insights to enrich the lives of those around me in the same way the ideas have improved my own life. This blog is my messenger. May you find value in its pages.